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This is an early 1900’s “Congress Medical Apparatus” Shock Therapy Quack Medical Device.

In the mid to late 1800’s to around the mid 1900’s, shock therapy was incredibly popular, as it was believed to be a cure-all. These little home kits date back to the 1800’s. Earlier models were powered with a crank and 2 spools, creating static, later models such as this one, were powered with a dry cell battery. These devices were used to treat everything from colds to miscarriage.

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Paradise Abandoned

Anyone who’s walked around an old, abandoned house knows the strange sensation you get while peering into the private space of the previous occupants. The feeling of unease is even stronger if the house is still filled with the furniture and personal possessions of others.

“The house was so full of personal effects that it had an eerie stillness without the owners being there. Nowhere was this more evident than in the large, first floor room which housed an untold number of pictures and objects”. This is how the photographer, Josephine Pugh, described the atmosphere of this derelict manor house in Berkshire, which was abandoned 26 years ago after its last inhabitant died at the age of 96.

The present house was built in 1848 on the site of an earlier manor that, according to records, was rented by the family of the famous poet John Milton from 1632 to 1638. Milton was the writer of Paradise Lost – a phrase that could well apply to this once magnificent dwelling. While it’s sad to see such a splendid home disintegrating, it does make for beautiful and interesting photographs.


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Licensed Chauffeur badge from the early 1900’s.

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This is a very rare c1910 coca-cola bottle, straight sided, ribbed base, bottom of bottle reads “ROOT” which was the glass house that made these bottles. 

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This is a Vietnam War Era (1960’s) field and office Otoscope and Ophthalmoacope set. The set comes with a battery power supply to use the set on the field, as well as a power cord to use it in the office.

This set is in 100% pristine working condition. I ordered it sealed, but I had to take it out to take photos and test it to make sure it worked.

This kit is for sale in our shop. If you are interested, feel free to send us a message.

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Tonicine was a gonadal tonic, presented in 2 forms, male and female. The male version contained fresh testicle, and the female, fresh ovary.
Tonicine was claimed to be of definitive value as a general tonic and reconstructive, stimulating digestion and nerve cells.
Tonicine Male was said to cure impotence and help in the “male climacteric”, and Tonicine Female was said to aid menopausal maladies and menstrual disorders.

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This is a Shepard & Dudley Otis mechanical urethral dilator, c.1890. It was used to of course, dilate the urethra by turning the dial on the end. Ouch.